5 Quick Tips for a Faster Website

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Posted on October 6, 2017 by DCC Marketing

Mind File Size
CSS, HTML and JavaScript files should be compressed to reduce page loading times on desktop and mobile. There are some great plug-ins and software applications to make it easy.

Optimize Images
Great images improve the quality of your website and the user experience, but make sure they are saved properly to not slow speeds. Keep in mind the specific graphics settings and file sizes for web images.

Check Your Code
Removing spaces, commas and extra characters from your code can dramatically increase page speeds. You can also remove code comments and formatting for a bump.

Cut Out the Middle Man
Reducing page redirects will speed up you site experience. Redirects can sometimes provide a quick fix, but with every redirect your user waits for another HTTP request.

Cache Me Outside
Browsers cache a lot of information when a user visits your website. This means, that when a user returns, the browser doesn’t have to reload every page element, which equals faster loading. Check your website’s cache settings and expiration date.