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Posted on June 23, 2020 by EJ Panganiban

Video content is a powerful marketing tool that more businesses are utilizing to connect with their audiences. Here are 5 quick tips to create great video content for your business.

  1. Understand your options

It is important to be aware of the different types of videos your business can create before you begin filming.

  • Brand Videos ⁠— Build brand awareness and understand what your goals are. Understanding your audience is crucial in creating a compelling brand story in your brand voice.
  • Video Interviews ⁠— This content showcases interview sessions with thought leaders and influencers within your industry to create brand loyalty as a trusted source of current industry news and insight.
  • How-To/Educational Videos ⁠— Creating instructional videos through a step-by-step process. Creating how-to or educational videos help teach and engage your audience. This style of video can position your brand as a voice of authority in your niche—as your business becomes known for delivering quality content. You can become a go-to reference for your audience, building brand awareness and trust.
  • Product Demonstrations ⁠— Product-focused videos that walk the audience through an unboxing, the “ins and outs”, and actual performance testing. These videos are developed from a customer facing perspective with the product playing a key role.
  • Customer Testimonials ⁠— Videos that highlight other satisfied and loyal customers. Their experiences with your brand/product/service provide valuable insight for your potential customers.
  • Live Videos ⁠— Videos that provide an inside-look to your company/business or events/tradeshows. Live streams encourage audience participation with comments and engagement.
  1. Know your audience  

Understanding your audience is the core of creating your video marketing strategy. Doing your research and creating a customer persona for your brand/product will help you effectively target your demographic. Monitoring audiences engagements and comments to current  content strategies will give you a better understanding of what messages resonate and appeal to them.

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  1. Craft your narrative

Begin by first settling on the main overall message. It is important to be able to clearly describe the core moral of the video into a simple statement. Great storytelling finds a way to relate to the audience through experiences, lessons learned, and anecdotes.

  1. Recognizing multiple platforms

Digital media can now be delivered to your audiences via multiple sources, and it is important to understand which video platforms will be the most beneficial to your business. Every social network requires your video content to be optimized for different distribution channels. While traditional platforms such as TV and YouTube require videos to be filmed in horizontal wide screen mode, other platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram prefer a full picture mode instead.  It is, also, important to recognize that individual social platforms are now creating their own native video functionality in order to allow for easier video integration within their platform. “Live videos” are becoming a new content delivery channel among certain platforms and audiences.

  1. Know your hardware

As the landscape of different delivery platforms continue to change, it is inherent for businesses to look at how capturing video content is achieved. Traditional delivery methods of TV, YouTube, and a company website can still require the use of professional video recording equipment when creating video content. With technological advancements in personal mobile devices however, filming high-quality footage for social video content is becoming the standard. It is becoming easier to create quality content with the tools that are already available at your fingertips.

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