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Posted on December 2, 2019 by Pam Morrow

If I can recap 6 days in a 60 second video I can compress my experience down into a top 5 list…

1. Getting surrounded by aww inspiring creativity constantly for 3 solid days – So. Much. To. See. And. Experience.

2. Learning from the masters directly – the speakers know the programs forward, backwards and upside down. I learned so much so fast my brain literally hurt by the end of it.

3. Traveling to sunny California where even though it was “frigid” for locals it was amazing November weather for a Midwesterner! LA is a very creative place with so much to see. I jammed a lot into what little time I had to explore but I would love to spend more time there.

4. Joining the Adobe MAX Attendee Community FB group helped me feel prepared before the conference and keep in touch with people after. It’s truly a great creative community! We’re still sharing resources and questions with each other regularly on there.

5. Getting to share all the shiny swag and knowledge with my teammates when I got back. I loved hearing them react the same way I did when I first learned about new features or programs. We have so many new tools to try out now!

Adobe MAX 2019 Recap Video

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