Behavioral Change and Consumer Education Marketing

At DCC Marketing, we aren’t afraid to tell the stories that truly matter. That’s where our passion lies—with messaging that changes behavior, raises awareness, and inspires people to take action. Our belief is that while marketing raises brand awareness and encompasses the promotion of a program, product, or service, it also involves consumer education and an innovative approach to creating campaigns that truly resonate.

Meaningful marketing yields tangible results. Let’s give you an example.

The EAT.SAVE.MOVE. campaign is a multi-year initiative aimed at promoting healthy lifestyle choices and reducing chronic disease by encouraging behavioral changes, improving diet quality, and increasing physical activity among SNAP-eligible families. DCC Marketing worked with the University of Illinois Extension SNAP-Ed to develop messaging, outreach, and promotion for those receiving SNAP benefits throughout Illinois. In addition to promoting a healthy body weight and overall well-being, we seek to boost engagement and awareness of the SNAP-Ed programming by expanding the audience and participant database through social media, APP users, a texting club, newsletter, and loyalty/rewards program. Materials for the campaign are offered in culturally accessible languages including English and Spanish.

One year after the campaign launch, a baseline study revealed that 66% of low-income Illinois residents who were exposed to the EAT.MOVE.SAVE. messaging took steps towards healthier habits, such as increasing their fruit and vegetable intake, meal planning, and accessing the EAT.MOVE.SAVE. website. The result of the finding proved our diverse marketing strategy featuring a targeted multicultural and multilingual approach resonated with the targeted audience.

Introduction to exercise in Spanish (introduccion al ejercicio)Ingredients for split pea soup

Did you know in spanish? Sabias que?









SNAP-Ed Did you know you can use SNAP benefits at your local farmer's marketSNAP-Ed Sabias que recommended aerobic activity 75-150 minutes per week

SNAP-Ed Did you know you can save your food scraps to make vegetable stock













Marketing positively impacts the lives of consumers.

Through our work with the Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) Office of Firearm Violence Prevention, we developed a multi-media strategy to raise awareness about the state’s comprehensive approach to reducing firearm violence through targeted community investments. We created messaging surrounding youth intervention, violence interruption, and trauma services, and we currently use this messaging to target organizations who are eligible to receive grant funding through the Reimagine Public Safety Act. By identifying areas and communities with concentrated firearm violence, we are able to successfully notify non-profit organizations of available opportunities and resources.  Already, The Office of Firearm Violence Prevention has made 184 grants with an average of $300,000 per grant through 19 Notice of Funding Opportunities (NOFOs) with the aim to expand to 200+ grantees by July 1, 2023.

IDHS reimagine your future with new opportunities

IDHS reimagine CTA ad define your future find youth development programs in your community










IDHS reimagine notice of funding opportunity grant









In addition to the Reimagine Public Safety Illinois campaign, DCC partnered with IDHS for the Safe Sleep campaign, an initiative focused on infant mortality rates and safe sleep practices. According to the CDC, Illinois was ranked 28th in infant mortality in 2020. Although the standard of healthcare has progressed in Illinois, racial inequities in infant mortality persist.

After identifying risk factors and markers such as maternal age, prenatal care, race/ethnicity, and geographic locations, we were able to serve targeted messaging to bring awareness to subjects such as best safe sleep practices and habits. Our digital analytics showed that Google search impressions increased nearly 50% through our campaign, showing optimizations ensured the ads successfully reached people searching for safe sleep practices and ways to get their infant to sleep.


IDHS safe sleep support

IDHS Safe sleep tips when your baby starts to roll, it's time to stop swaddling

IDHS safe sleep support share a room not a bed

IDHS safe sleep support ABC's alone back crib smoke free









Marketing Raises Awareness.

According to the CDC, there were nearly 48,000 suicides and 1.7 million suicide attempts in 2021 alone.

Mental health crisis support systems are lifesaving resources, but their usefulness relies on people being aware of their existence in order to access them. In conjunction with the Illinois Department of Human Services, DCC Marketing developed messaging, a multimedia strategy for both the 988 Crisis and Suicide Line and the Governor’s Challenge 988 +1 Veterans Crisis Line, an initiative established to prevent suicide among Service Members, Veterans, and their Families.

Our goal with this campaign is to bring awareness to these numbers and reach individuals who are potentially suffering from a mental health crisis, substance abuse crisis, emotional crisis, or concerned family, friends, and caregivers seeking information or support. Part of our Governor’s Challenge Messaging is also targeted to community members interested in free training courses on military culture awareness and mental health.

IDHS 988 helpline spanish qual es la diferencia entre las lineas directas?

IDHS 988 choose hope we're here to helpIDHS 988 spanish hay esperanza estamos aqui para ayudar









IDHS Governor's Challenge heroes need hope

IDHS Governor's Challenge preventing suicide amonth service members, veterans and their families










Real issues call for real dialogue, and at DCC Marketing, we strive to always contribute to the conversation. We’re confident that our work can impact lives, influence perspectives, and affect behaviors, so we’re determined to focus on causes that drive transformative change.

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