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Posted on August 5, 2020 by Kara Demirjian Huss

Giving—it’s good for your soul.

Community. To me, it is a way to come together, to unite. Uniting for the wellbeing of others and ourselves. Giving back and being involved in philanthropy is something that has been rooted in my family for generations. No matter your position or status you can always find a way to give and make a difference. This comes in many forms—giving time, resources, kindness, support, money. Creating a culture of giving in your home and business provides an important sense of purpose that permeates all areas of your life. Teaching kindness and giving to your children will help cultivate empathy and generosity at an early age that will last a lifetime. We need more of this now more than ever.

The same is true in the office. As a leader, encouraging generosity and involvement is critical. But you can’t just talk about it—you need to lead by example and integrate it into your work culture. People always ask me how I have time to dedicate to boards and my response is, “I make time, it is incredibly important to me and my family.” Immersing myself in my community gives me a unique perspective and opens my eyes to the world around me. Working alongside others who care about our surroundings is one of the most rewarding parts. I have gained so much from listening to others perspectives—communication skills, patience, and resilience just to name a few. My experience working with so many diverse teams, board of directors, and community volunteers has helped me navigate life better in every way.

I find things I am passionate about such as education, youth, mentorship, nutrition, healthcare, economic development and find ways to make actionable change. Sometimes, that is with my personal time, skills and resources—other times it is financial support. I love to see others passionate about programs and initiatives—it truly gets me fired up to participate along with them. Lead a charge, be a trailblazer and you will see the results from so many people coming together for a common cause. I guarantee this is as good for your soul as it is for others. Sharing your passions together and inspiring others can help shape our communities around us. So get out there and give.

Kara Demirjian Huss

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