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Posted on October 9, 2017 by DCC Marketing

At DCC, we use Google’s wide range of marketing tools to help your business’ objectives. To help you better understand how, we’ve outlined two of the most used tools that our Google certified team uses on a daily basis.

Google AdWords
AdWords is one platform we use for online ad campaigns. With search, display and mobile campaigns, your products and services are marketed through the Google Search Engine. Google boasts over six billion searches per day, creating the perfect platform to boost your brand visibility. AdWords ads show when users search with a specified range of terms or browse a catalog of related websites. We optimize keywords and placements daily to ensure that you receive the highest ROI and conversion rate.

Google Analytics
Analytics is a data tool that allows us to analyze the ways in which users interact with your website. This lets us know what is working and what could use improvement to create a better user experience. We can also extract information like most clicked links, most browsed pages and most searched to inform our ad campaigns to draw more users to your website, develop better SEO, and bump your organic search ranking.

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