How to Shoot High-Quality Videos with Your iPhone

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Posted on February 12, 2019 by DCC Marketing
  1. Use the newest iPhone you can get your hands on. No, we aren’t saying go buy the latest and greatest, but if you have a 4S and your friend has a XS, maybe consider using their phone. Maybe?
  2. Shoot in landscape mode. Human vision allows us to see more to the left and right than the top and bottom. Video with big black bars is a big no thanks.
  3. Change your video quality settings to 1080p HD at 60fps OR 4K at 60fps. Keep in mind, shooting in 4K will leave you with a really big file. So, if your camera roll is full of memes and pictures of your dog, you may get a storage message mid-tape. Tape, lol.
  4. Natural light is always preferred because it is the most even and universally flattering. If natural light is not available, try to choose a room with whiter/cooler artificial lighting rather than yellow/warmer lighting.
  5. Windows: iPhones have a hard time detecting edges in backlit scenarios. Instead of having the subject stand in front of the window, have them stand next to the window.
  6. Prop up your phone or get a tripod to avoid shaking.
  7. Try to watch for objects growing out of the subject’s head. This sounds odd, but it can be a weird distraction in the finished product.
  8. Lastly, be careful where you are standing. Often times you will make a surprise cameo if you are not cognizant of reflections and shadows in the video backdrop.

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