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Posted on January 31, 2020 by EJ Panganiban

As Creative Director at DCC, I lead our creative team and provide guidance to ensure that our messaging strategies and creative concepts exceed the goals and needs of our clients. My role is to also push the team to constantly educate themselves on the emerging technologies, trends and capabilities so that we can always be delivering the most strategic and innovative options for our clients.

My love for art and design began when I was a young child. I fell in love with the colorful and unique packaging art on cardbacks and boxes from all the toys during that time. All the great character designs and backstories for these toys made for an easy transition into comic books and videogames. The art and storytelling nature from these mediums drove my passion and creativity within my own art. I strove to develop my skills in illustration, sculpture, painting, concept art development and storytelling. I wanted to pursue a career that embraced my love for the arts and used my talents. I’m very fortunate to be involved in a career that challenges my creative thinking process, allows me to use my skillset and provides me the opportunity to expand my talents into new and different mediums.

Art/Design gives us a way to communicate and express our needs and desires to those around us. Great design can connect individuals around the globe through its visuals and storytelling. Art/design, paired with a complete understanding of the behaviors and motives of the target demographic, can be used to great effect in influencing and engaging your audience to reach certain goals. It is also important to understand how different mediums of art and integration with technology can drastically affect how a messaging strategy reaches the intended audience. Businesses constantly looking for ways to engage with their audiences often underestimate how art/design can connect them—at a more meaningful level—with their audience to help build brand equity and brand loyalty.

I believe it is crucial for businesses to have a complete understanding of their brand. It is important for them to realize that a brand goes beyond a logo or graphic mark. A brand is made up of multiple components—image, messaging strategy, company core values and company personality. All of these elements work together to make one cohesive unit. Captivating and relevant storytelling of the brand message—when told with a deep understanding of these components—is what brings the target audience to you, rather than constantly adjusting your brand position to find the right audience.

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