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Posted on January 10, 2022 by DCC Marketing

Sales needs marketing and marketing needs sales. So what can we do to ensure sales and marketing teams collaborate effectively? Here are three top tips:


Identify the Target

Streamlining the target demographic for your brand is imperative. Marketers have data and metrics to identify and target your brand’s demographic, which generates valuable leads that are likely to advance through the consumer continuum. That’s when sales comes in to cultivate the relationship and drive conversions. By isolating the target audience, it makes less work more effective for the sales team. Work smarter, not harder.


What’s the #GOAL?

Marketers think long term, whereas sales is more concerned about meeting this month’s quota. Setting common goals between both teams will get everyone on the same page. Today’s consumers tend to educate themselves before they shop, making campaigns with strong branding and content marketing necessary. Marketers generate, nurture and grow leads so that sales can seal the deal, up-sell or cross-sell to reach the identified KPIs.



Both teams could learn a lot from each other—and should—regularly. Keeping an open dialogue helps optimize strategies for conversions. Sales can look at web data to offer insights and provide customer feedback while marketers can look at completed sales to calculate ROI. Finding and fixing bottlenecks in the consumer continuum requires both parties working together in harmony.

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