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Posted on September 4, 2019 by DCC Marketing

The rise of video as a leading content form for web and social media provides opportunity for brands to engage and inspire their audience—but when 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound how can you make the biggest impact?

Closed captioning and subtitles can be a great tool for social videos to increase comprehension, but even then, it can be difficult for the viewer to make meaning out of context. Instead, consider different ways to tell your story. Video is a primarily visual medium, and that can be used to your advantage when it comes to creating effective videos for social media.

Here are some ways to do that:

Macro/tight shots showcase incredible detail in slow motion.

Create a storybook narrative with a beginning and ending.

Tell a story with creative word treatment and movement.

For more examples, visit our work: DCC Demo Reel

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