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Posted on February 7, 2018 by Kara Demirjian Huss

I decided to write a blog post about women in business because I am always asked “What is it like to be a woman in business today?” I find this an interesting question because I rarely (or actually never) think to myself “Gosh if I were a man, would I be more successful in business?” or “Gosh if I were a man running a business, it would be so much easier.” Who does that? And, why are there so many articles on how it’s hard to become a successful female business leader?

I don’t think I have any more (or less for that matter) secrets about how to be a successful leader. In fact to me, success and leadership isn’t about gender no matter what your chosen career field. Am I missing something? Am I naive? If I google “what is a good leader” does it say “a good leader is a man who…?” No. It says “the best leaders exhibit these traits that make them hugely successful”. I wear a lot of hats in my current business career, and I am constantly surrounded by men. I don’t think anything of it!

I am the President / Founder of DCC Brand Marketing Agency, Vice President of our family manufacturing business T/CCI, and about to be the Chapter Chair for YPO (Young President’s Organization) (as a note: I was the only female member of the 45-member group for years). Never once have I wondered if I can do it and never once have I felt like I was treated differently or that I experienced different expectations because of my gender. Now granted, my YPO Forum mates who are all men tell me that I am not like other woman, but I don’t believe that.

I am mom of 4, a Scout Troop leader, a business owner, and a community leader—the same as so many other women (and men). I believe that success is an attitude and a mindset—not a gender thing. If you work hard, have great integrity, are motivated, can motivate others, have a vision, and—most importantly—are passionate about what you do; you will be successful—woman or man. So, in my opinion it’s awesome to be in business today. I love the challenges, and I love the opportunities. Most importantly, I love being a leader.