We the People,

In order to form a more perfect agency, establish strategy, insure client tranquility, provide for budgeted expense, promote the general welfare, and secure Blessings of Returns to your business and your posterity, do ordain and establish the Constitution for the Sovereignty of DCC—a Women-Owned Business Enterprise.

  • Technology + Innovation
  • Function > Form
  • Collaboration = Creativity
  • Process = Solutions
  • Good People = Good Marketing
  • Your Business Above All Else

Meet DCC

The Team

The know-how to transform your business. The talent to actually do it.

Melissa Amedeo
Chief Development Officer
EJ Panganiban
Creative Director
Brandy Robinson
Director of Operations
Jennifer Sekosky
Account Supervisor
Monica Metzger
Assistant Account Executive
Pam Morrow
Production Manager
Rachael Coyle
Digital Specialist
Lacey Maulding
Kate Larson
Digital Account Executive
Evelyn Demirjian
Digital Marketing Specialist

A bit of culture “shock and awe”

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